epoxy flooring for 2018

What is Liquid Marble?
A two-component 100%-solids epoxy blended with metallic pigments, is self-leveling and a seamless floor surface. The application method is what really makes epoxy flooring Sydney come to life! Denatured alcohol and other solvents can be used to disperse and drag the metal pigments throughout the epoxy giving it a one of a kind look. We can create a more dynamic marble effect using many specialized techniques we have created and mastered that no other installer can. Our installers can create ripples, craters, and impel the metallic pigment. You can also get extra creative by drizzling, splotching, or blending one or more colors over the top of the Liquid Marble base color.”

Other attractive properties of the floor coating include a low viscosity, no VOCs (Liquid Marble is solvent-free), low odor, moisture insensitivity, and excellent bonding to properly prepared concrete surfaces.

Where is it used?
Liquid Marble is ideal for residential or commercial applications where you want to make your floors a focal point. The most common applications are retail stores, lobby areas, salons, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Liquid Marble is available in numerous standard colors, so architects, designers, contractors and homeowners can choose from both vibrant and subtle metallic effects for pretty much any interior project!

Liquid Marble not recommend on outdoor concrete because the 100%-solids epoxy formulation will discolor after time when exposed to direct sunlight. However, it can be used on high-traffic interior concrete floors because it offers excellent impact and wear resistance. For better scratch and abrasion resistance, we recommend a topcoat of Co’ HP (high-performance) urethane. This system will provide many years of wear under heavy foot traffic, while maintaining a magnificent finish. To eliminate the need to reseal down the road, a floor finish or hard wax can be applied every few months.


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